Human rights without walls – neither in heads nor on borders.

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Human rights without walls – neither in heads nor on borders.
“The human rights situation in Europe is changing. The rise of right-wing
populists or extreme movements across many national borders is a matter of
concern. This could lead to a further decrease of human rights standards.
There is already a significant increase in hate crimes in Germany,” says Taner
Aksoy, Director of the anti-discrimination association FAIR international –
Federation against Injustice and Racism e. V. on the occasion of the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights on the 10th December. Aksoy continues:

“As an anti-discrimination association it is a matter of our understanding and the
core area of our activity to draw attention to human rights violations. Unfortunately,
concerning human rights claims and realities often differ. Inhuman conditions
in refugee camps; the omnipresent danger refugees have to live with; the bare
hatred they are confronted with; all these are just a fraction of what puts Europe to
the test. Building border fences and barring refugees is the wrong signal here.

Not only refugees but also other minorities are affected. We observe that Muslim
women who wear headscarves due to their religious beliefs are often discriminated
against, for instance in the field of education, in the workspace or in daily life. It still
occurs that people of color are ejected from public transports only because of their
skin color. Applicants with foreign names are systematically disadvantaged in their
professional life. The advancement in the educational system is far more difficult
for children with a migration background.

We consider this day as an opportunity to remind ourselves about these troublesome
circumstances and to find ways of improving the situation. Everyone, without
exception, is equally entitled to all human rights. This must be defended.“

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